Three scientists from Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Oregon will share one of the richest prizes in medical and biomedical research. They will receive $500,000 for their research that helped transform cancer treatment.

The three scientists are Dr. Peter Nowell of the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Janet Rowley of the University of Chicago and Dr. Brian Druker of Oregon Health and Science University. They will receive the prize at the annual Albany Medical Center Prize in Medicine and Biomedical Research in May. The award is one of the largest in medicine and science. It is given to those who have changed the course of medical research.

The three scientists were called “visionary scientists” whose work has given hope to cancer patients around the world.

According to James J. Barba, president and chief executive officer of Albany Medical Center, the three scientists exemplify the extraordinary impact that painstaking research can have on the lives of countless people.

Their studies led to more discoveries in the treatment of cancers and other disorders.

Associated Press gives the full report on this medical accomplishment.

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